Kontrol enheder

DOLD is a pioneer in the field of control technology and present the first SPS in a standard housing in the automobile and tool machine industry in 1978. Benefit from this experience. DOLD offers you a universal portfolio of safe, efficient solutions for control technology that is tailored to your needs. A comprehensive palette of field bus-capable input and output modules are available for you.
Låse/Interface/skifte relæer
Links between logic and load

The DOLD toggle, coupling and switch relays are the first choice for all interface applications in demanding control systems. They connect the highly sensitive logic level of the SPS, a shelf system or process computer with the raw operation of the power levels of a machine. Installation and maintenance of the relays can be conducted in a time-saving manner with the snap-on plug-in sockets on the top-hat rail. Your additional benefit: They are not sensitive to overcurrent and/or overloads and are significantly less expensive that semiconductors with medium to low switching frequency.
Strømforsynings enheder
Switch power supply units with a wide voltage range

DOLD switch power supply unit and/or switch mode power supply units have diverse uses thanks to a wide voltage range. Their task is to convert unstable input voltage into a constant output voltage. They save space in the control cabinet thanks to their compact construction. They are in accordance with the standard IEC/EN 60950 and EN 61558, are highly effective and feature a short circuit and overload protection.
Programmerbare logiske controllere (PLC)
The increasing complexity of control technology in machines and systems as well as strong trend towards decentralisation result in an increased communication need between control technology and peripheral equipment in machine and system control. The field bus-capable SPS from DOLD is available with a comprehensive palette of field bus-capable input and output modules with which flexibly applications for safety and automation can be simply realised. The input and output modules (I/O modules) represent peripheral components of an SPS in the bus system. Both analogue and digital DOLD bus modules are available for the field bus system CANopen.