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Switch power supply units with a wide voltage range

DOLD switch power supply unit and/or switch mode power supply units have diverse uses thanks to a wide voltage range. Their task is to convert unstable input voltage into a constant output voltage. They save space in the control cabinet thanks to their compact construction. They are in accordance with the standard IEC/EN 60950 and EN 61558, are highly effective and feature a short circuit and overload protection.
Switched power supply RL 5596
• Space saving in industrial cabinets because
compact construction type
• Universal use with wide voltage range
• High efficiency
• According to IEC/EN 60 950, EN 61 558
• Protection class II, according to EN 61 558-1
• Secondary voltage DC 24 V up to 350 mA
• Short circuit protection and overload protection
• Width: 35 mm
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Switched power supply BG 5595
• According to IEC/EN 60 950, EN 55 011, EN 55 022
• Secondary voltage DC 24 V up to 1 A
• Short circuit and overload protection
• Width 22.5 mm
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