Overvågnings enheder

DOLD offers you a comprehensive offer of measuring and monitoring relays for your individual needs. The devices detect and provide early notification if critical limits of electrical variables such as current, voltage, power, insulation resistance, et cetera are violated. This allows dangers to people and machinery to be reliably avoided. In addition, the availability of your machines and systems will be increased and production outages will be minimised. DOLD's portfolio ranges from standard devices for the monitoring of individual variables to multifunctional devices to flexible error message systems.
Unplanned interruptions of the operation of machines and systems are a significant cost factor. Insulation errors are a frequent cause for this. In grounded networks (TN networks), DOLD difference current sensors ensure reliable residual current monitoring. Expensive standstill time is avoided by this and, in addition, a possible risk of fire that latently exists by a gradual insulation error is also prevented. The difference current sensors are universally deployable as they can detect both direct and alternating current.
Isolations overvågning
Unplanned standstills of machines and systems as a result of insulation errors can have serious consequences. By detecting such errors in ungrounded networks (IT networks) early on, DOLD insulation monitors prevent outages of electrical systems and thus guarantee higher operating and system security. The system operator is informed early on about pending critical operating conditions and people and machinery are protected by the insulation monitoring. The functionality of DOLD insulation monitoring devices has been intentionally designed simply. You profit twice over from this: through high user-friendliness as well as cost savings.
Udstyr til lokalisering af isolationsfejl
In complex industrial systems, the localisation of insulation errors can be expensive and time-consuming. The insulation error search system from DOLD allows an automatic and fast localisation of faulty electrical circuits in complexly insulated AC/DC networks (IT systems) and this increases reliability and system availability. Thanks to the low maintenance costs and the avoidance of interruptions in operation, the investment costs for the DOLD insulation error search system are amortised quickly.
Fejl meldere
DOLD interference suppressors of the INFOMASTER family use lamps, signals or text notifications to inform about interferences and the conditions of electrical systems in industrial settings and buildings. In addition, they are also used to define maintenance intervals for preventive maintenance. Especially in the event of interferences in complex machine and systems, they can decisively reduce the length of the search for interferences. This minimises standstill times of the production system and helps to save on costs. The compact DOLD interference suppressor ensures a cost-efficient monitoring of small machines without SPS, such as compressors. Thanks to it modular construction, it can grow with the system through expansions.
Måle & Overvågnings relæer
DOLD offers custom solutions for the monitoring of electrical variables such as current, voltage, power, resistance, et cetera. The measuring relays report error conditions and thus offer increased protection even for complex systems as well a ensure an optimal production process. LEDs on the front of the device provide you with optimal information about the current condition. We can provide you with both mono-functional and multifunctional relays with which you can realise your solutions with minimal costs or maximum flexibility and functionality.