Måle & Overvågnings relæer

DOLD offers custom solutions for the monitoring of electrical variables such as current, voltage, power, resistance, et cetera. The measuring relays report error conditions and thus offer increased protection even for complex systems as well a ensure an optimal production process. LEDs on the front of the device provide you with optimal information about the current condition. We can provide you with both mono-functional and multifunctional relays with which you can realise your solutions with minimal costs or maximum flexibility and functionality.
Multifunktions måle relæer
The multifunctional measuring relays that make up the DOLD VARIMETER PRO series offer a wide range of functionality with a minimal width. These universal devices can be installed in a space-saving manner in control cabinets and are cost-effective due to their flexible usage. With a reliable and continuous monitoring of three phase networks, the multifunctional measuring relays guarantee a trouble-free and thus efficient operation of machines and systems. Their use is also rewarding in single phase networks. The user-friendly device configuration allows an optimal adaptation to the application.
Målerelæer for komponent beskyttelse
DOLD offers you a very wide portfolio of relays for network monitoring. The devices monitor electrical variables such as voltage, phase outage/asymmetry, neutral conductor usage, frequency as well as insulation errors. Typical uses are device and system protections, the supply of safety lighting devices, et cetera. They distinguish themselves with benefits such as space-saving thanks to their compact size, simple functionality, flexible use, high efficiency and higher operating security as well as fire and accident safety.
Målerelæer til belastnings overvågning
DOLD can provide you with customer solutions for the monitoring of electrical loads (current, cos φ, effective power). The product portfolio includes current relays, underload, load and overload monitoring as well as load converters. The devices are used for the monitoring of motors as well as for the function monitoring of electricity consumers.
Målerelæer til spændings overvågning
The DOLD measuring relays for voltage monitoring offer complete voltage protection for overload and underload monitoring in one compact device. The underload and overload relays and voltage monitor (single phase and three phase) protect consumers such as electric motors against overloading caused by underloads and/or protect devices against destruction caused by overloads e.g. generators running in isolated operation with faulty regulation. An important area of use of this measuring relay is the single phase voltage monitoring in control circuits or DC control circuits.
Målerelæer til forsyning
With its voltage and frequency monitors of the VARIMETA NA series, DOLD offers a safe and standards-conform solution for optimal grid monitoring during energy input into the public grid. The devices are used for voltage and frequency monitoring for decentralised in-house power generation systems. They are very user-friendly and can be configured with only two rotary switches. Thanks to preprogrammed parameters, DOLD voltage and frequency monitors are quickly and easily deployable depending on the respective standard or guideline.
Målerelæer til strøm overvågning
Målerelæer til overvågning af fysiske værdier
For the monitoring of physical variables such as speed, temperature or fill level, DOLD features speed and/or standstill monitors, temperature monitors and thermistor motor protection relays as well as level relays especially for you. The DOLD measuring relays offer you advantages such as a safe monitoring of standstills in machine with rotating parts as well as a reliable monitoring of the motor condition during increasing temperatures. In the area of fill level measuring, a high measuring range allows liquid and foam to be distinguished between.
Tilbehør til målerelæer
Frequency converters are increasingly used in installations. Their output generates steep switching edges that cause significant EMC interference and high frequency compensation currents in the connected switching components. The devices connected to the converter could suffer interference or possibly be damaged. Interference suppressor filters from DOLD can ensure a wide range of interference suppression up to high frequencies. Through the intermediate switch of an interference suppressor filter between the converter and the measuring relay whose interference is to be suppressed and/or device, interference and even destruction of the connected devices is avoided.