Power Elektronik

Demanding drive tasks call for high-performance and flexible device solutions. Power electronics from DOLD contain a wide range of product offers consisting of semiconductor contactors, soft start/brake devices as well as reversing contactors, speed controllers as well as multifunctional motor control devices. The products play a large role in part in modern motor control systems.
Solid State Relæer/kontaktorer
Solid state contactors and relays from DOLD are the first choice everywhere that high switching frequencies and cycles in the industry are needed. They conduct switching and control tasks especially efficiently in numerous applications in industrial and building technology. Their long service life due to wear-free switching is the reason for this. DOLD also has an innovative answer to the problem caused by switching with high load currents, the severe heating of solid state contactors and relays: the use of DCB processes (Direct Copper Bonding) optimises the heat dissipation in the power stage of the device and thus ensure the operational security of your system. Solid state conductors are also used in other applications such as heating, lighting, et cetera.
Reverserings kontaktorer
DOLD reversing contactors of the POWERSWITCH series are used to change the direction of rotation in alternating current motors, start them gently and/or to monitor their load. Various diagnostic functions inform you constantly about the operating condition of the motor. The DOLD reversing contactors save space and have few wires as all functions are combined in a single housing. Costs can also be saved as an alternative to a frequency converter. The devices are universally usable, e.g. for extruders, pumps, actuators or conveyors.
DOLD soft start devices of the MINISTART family ensure that your machines start up gently and smoothly and/or minimise a wide variety of problems such as mechanical wear during the direct start of drives, the tipping or sliding of loads on transport belts, pressure surges in the lines of pump systems and much more. They reduce the wear on and increase the service life of your motors and mechanical drive components. DOLD soft start devices offer additional advantages as a simple and space-saving installation, provide flexible configuration options and relieve the supplying grid through reduced starting current.
Motor bremse relæer
The factors of safety and efficiency are an important argument for the motor braking devices of DOLD. The wear- and maintenance-free devices can be easily installed, even in existing systems. The configurable braking current allows an optimal adjustment to machines and systems. Asynchronous motors up to 160 kW are reliably braked with the DOLD braking devices of the MINISTOP series. This allows your machine to be brought to a standstill in only ten seconds in accordance with the EU Machinery Directive and European standards.
Hastigheds controllere
The speed controllers from DOLD especially serve the simple speed controlling of pumps and fans to adjust the load on the drive machine. In comparison to frequency converters, they provide with substantially few EMC problems because no shielded wires are necessary. Possible applications are the speed controlling of exhaust fans for large kitchens.
Multifunktions motor kontrol enheder
The multifunctional motor control devices from DOLD in the MINISTART family offer a combination of functions for motor control such as revering or soft start with monitoring functions such as the effective power or current monitoring. The ready-to-use devices with optimised parameters such as heat sink size, EMC, heat dissipation, et cetera are easy to use. Benefits such as low material costs, fast device connection and reduced space and wiring needs are on the plus side of these intelligent devices. In addition, they often prevent the need for a frequency converter.