Sikkerheds Teknologi

Safety technology is an essential product group of the business area of switching devices at DOLD. What began decades ago with the development of a two-hand switch relay has been decisively continued in the last 20 years and expanded into a universal device programme. Today, safety switching devices from DOLD monitor various safety functions such as emergency stop, two-hand switching, safety mat, safety door, light barrier and more.
Sikkerheds Koblingsudstyr
Safety switching devices from the DOLD SAFEMASTER family monitor various safety functions such as emergency stop, two-hand switching, safety mat, light barrier and more. From the monofunctional safety switching devices to the multifunctional modular safety system with field bus connection, all products serve a single purpose: the uncompromising protection of people and machinery. Manufacturers and operators of machines and systems are faced with the challenge of developing and/or operating safety-oriented switching devices that must meet numerous regulations. DOLD supports you with sample-tested modules you can use to realise function- and cost-optimal solutions.
Forsinkelse & Interface moduler
Expansion, delay and coupling modules from DOLD allow for cost-effective contact multiplication as well as for the specific shut-down or switching of functions.
Stilstand & hastighedsovervågning
In accordance with the new machinery directive, the operating condition of a drive must be safely monitored and maintained during its shut-down. Typical applications are the release of locking mechanisms after the standstill of dangerous movements has been detected as well as work with open safety devices and reduced speed during calibration of the machine. The new speed monitors of the SAFEMASTER S series detect and signal the standstill and overspeed of machines and systems in automatic as well as set up operation. Its safely integrated safety door monitoring additionally provides a higher productivity and a higher degree of safety for the operating personnel.
Multifunktions sikkerheds løsninger
Alongside a multitude of monofunctional safety switching devices, DOLD also offer high-performance multifunctional safety switching devices and systems. In doing so, DOLD integrates increasing functionality with constantly sinking space requirements. The multifunctional safety switching devices offer you optimal solutions for many areas of use in machinery and system construction. SAFEMASTER C, which is configurable without additional hardware, is one option here just like the modular safety system SAFEMASTER M, which allows you a cost-effective and software-free adjustment of the safety functions to the respective task. With SAFEMASTER PRO, you receive a safety system that you can tailor to the application using variable expansion modules.
Trådsløst sikkerheds system
The Wireless Safety System from DOLD in the SAFEMASTER W family allows the safe operation and shut-down of systems with hazardous areas, such as in automatic operation (e.g. troubleshooting, lubrication, calibration work) or in set up operation (e.g. putting into service, machine settings, maintenance). The high availability of your machines and systems is only one of many advantages of this solution. The Wireless Safety wins points with its wear- and maintenance-free radio technology, the flexible and mobile use and a high degree of user-friendliness.