Multifunktions sikkerheds løsninger

Alongside a multitude of monofunctional safety switching devices, DOLD also offer high-performance multifunctional safety switching devices and systems. In doing so, DOLD integrates increasing functionality with constantly sinking space requirements. The multifunctional safety switching devices offer you optimal solutions for many areas of use in machinery and system construction. SAFEMASTER C, which is configurable without additional hardware, is one option here just like the modular safety system SAFEMASTER M, which allows you a cost-effective and software-free adjustment of the safety functions to the respective task. With SAFEMASTER PRO, you receive a safety system that you can tailor to the application using variable expansion modules.
Multifunktions sikkerheds relæer
Whether it is used as an individual device or integrated in complex safety systems - with SAFEMASTER C, you always have the right solution for protecting people and machinery. With the compact multifunctional safety switching devices from DOLD, various safety-oriented inputs, such as emergency stop, safety door, et cetera, are assigned to a single output. An additional important advantage of SAFEMASTER C is the cost-savings as a result of its multifunctionality: through taking up less space in the control cabinet than monofunctional safety devices, through reduced storage needs and through the simple and fast calibration of the safety functions and operating modes.
Software frit sikkerhedssystem
The modular safety system SAFEMASTER M is an optimal solution for many areas of machinery and system construction. The safety functions can be adjusted the respective requirements cost-effectively with software-free device configuration. SAFEMASTER M essentially consists of four modules: the control unit as well as the input, output and diagnosis module. The input module with freely selectable safety functions can be assigned to various output modules. The optional field bus connection allows the visualisation of the system status. The result is increased system availability.
Konfigurerbart sikkerhedssystem
The modular and configurable safety system SAFEMASTER PRO monitors all safety circuits of you machinery and installations – in a simple, flexible and safe way. The DOLD safety system consists of a control unit and up to 14 expansion modules. Pure input, pure output and combined input/output modules are available for the simple adjustment to the respective task. SAFEMASTER PRO is suitable for safety applications up to PL e / cat. 4 and SIL 3; its hardware and software are TÜV-certified. You can configure the system with SAFEMASTER PRO Designer. The projection takes place easily per drag & drop via the graphic configuration software.