Sikkerheds koblingsudstyr

Safety switching devices from the DOLD SAFEMASTER family monitor various safety functions such as emergency stop, two-hand switching, safety mat, light barrier and more. From the monofunctional safety switching devices to the multifunctional modular safety system with field bus connection, all products serve a single purpose: the uncompromising protection of people and machinery. Manufacturers and operators of machines and systems are faced with the challenge of developing and/or operating safety-oriented switching devices that must meet numerous regulations. DOLD supports you with sample-tested modules you can use to realise function- and cost-optimal solutions.
The emergency stop modules from DOLD meet all criteria up to Performance Level (PL) e / category 4 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849 and ensure that in the event of danger, all dangerous movements made by machines and systems are ceased and/or that the power is deactivated. This reliably protects people and machinery. The compact modules can be integrated in a space-saving manner in the control cabinet and are inexpensive to connect thanks to simple wiring. Removable terminals allows devices to replaced quickly.
Overvågningsrelæer til bevægelige døre
DOLD offers you a wide spectrum of safety door monitoring modules for a wide variety of applications. The ready-to-connect switching devices mounted on DIN rails monitor the position of movable safety door devices. They can be used anywhere where entry and/or access to a room with dangerous movements makes protection necessary, e.g. for the operation of the machine, the configuration or troubleshooting. The safety door monitoring modules monitor the position of movable safety door switches that are actuated by the opening and/or closing of the safety device.
Lys gitter controllere
If persons or objects approach a dangerous area, the DOLD light barrier switching devices deactivate the dangerous movement via contactless safety devices (AOPD) and ensure a safe condition. The light barrier switching devices are used to protect persons that regularly during the handling process must reach into machines and systems that are also a source of danger. A typical application is the conveying and removal of work pieces to presses. A benefit of this solution is higher productivity through longer cycle times as well as by refraining from mechanical safety devices - without having to reduce the safety level.
To-hånds kontrol moduler
Pressing, punching as well as cutting and/or shearing devices have one thing in common: hazardous closing movements that can cause injuries to the operating personnel. Two-hand switch relay from DOLD on machines and systems protect against such injuries. Safely positioned outside of the area of danger, the operator cannot enter this area before the dangerous movement has come to a complete stop. The DOLD two-hand switching modules not only offer safety, they also save you money as conventional safety controls are no longer necessary.
Sikkerhedsmåtte moduler
Safety mat modules from DOLD to secure large hazardous areas and to serve as access controls to machines. These safety devices immediately stop hazardous movements when triggered by an actuating force, such as when a person steps on them, by issuing a control command that is conducted via the DOLD evaluation module. The safety mat modules are in accordance with safety category 4 / PL e as per DIN EN ISO 13849. Their functionality is continuously monitored and can be individually adjusted to the areas to be protected.
Specielle enheder
Special devices from DOLD include emergency stop monitors for the fast localisation of actuated emergency stop buttons, emergency stop devices and magnetically coded safety switches. The DOLD emergency stop monitors help to quickly and easily located actuated emergency stop buttons. This can significantly reduce the standstill times of machines and systems. Emergency stop devices from DOLD deactivate machines and/or place them in standstill. This thus reduces dangers to persons or damage to machinery as well as the manufactured products. With the coded magnetic switches from DOLD, the position of movable, rotatable or removable safety doors is monitored. The contactless devices can also be used for doors that are difficult to move or that are imprecisely positioned.