DOLD has been a renowned, innovative manufacturer in the field of timer technology for decades that has continued to set standards with its developments. Time relays, that is, relays with specific time response, help you to cost-effectively realised start-up and shut-down delays in industry and building technology. The timer technology from DOLD includes both electro-mechanical and electro-pneumatic time relays as well as electronic devices on the basis of modern microprocessor technology.
Multifunktions relæer
Universally usable - maximum function in minimum width
Multifunctional relays are universally usable thanks to the selection of the corresponding function. They also belong to the group of time relays with which you can cost-effectively realised specific time functions. A multifunctional relay can be used as a flasher relay, clock, impulse former, start-up and/or shut-down relay as well as contact and recurrence delay. You can simply set the respective function on the device.
Control of malfunction notifications and position lights
DOLD flasher relays are used on cranes, wind power systems as well as airfield lighting where they control position lighting. The control of malfunction notifications on machines, lighting, fans, et cetera is an additional task of these devices. Impulse time and pause time are identical with flasher relays.
Fleeting action relæer
Input and output wiping relays for time-dependent control systems
Machines and systems such as dosing systems and rinsing systems are where wiping relays are used. DOLD wiping relays are available as both input as well as output wiping relays. While the input wiping relays immediately switch the operating voltage to the work position after installation, output wiping relays are placed over the voltage control contact on the control input. If this is open, the relay immediately switches to the work position. Both relay types switch back to resting position immediately after the expiration of the set wiping time.
On delay timere
Time relays with contact delay for forward switching
With contact delayed time relays, the start is triggered by the activation of the operating voltage. The relay switches to the work position after the expiration of the configured delay time. Contact delayed time relays from DOLD are used for forward switching, e.g. pre-heating, or for delay times in switching systems such as for the delayed activation of system parts in burner controls, escalators and elevators.
Off delay timere
Time relays with recurrence delay for forward switching
For time relays with recurrence delay, we distinguish between devices with and without auxiliary voltage. While devices without auxiliary voltage are only realisable for short times, those with auxiliary voltage are also suitable for longer periods of time. Repress delayed time relays from DOLD are used for follow-on switching (e.g. fans), lighting control systems (e.g. stairwell lighting) or for the delayed switching to an emergency power generator and/or an emergency lighting system.
Cyklus timere
Impulse and pause times configurable independent from each other
Clocks from DOLD are important components of traffic light control systems, automatic ovens, et cetera. They have the same function as flasher relays with the difference that the impulse and pause times for time-dependent control systems are different from each other and can thus be set separately.