SPECTRO-3-12-DIF-MSM-ANA-DL40x sunlight LED, diffuserMedium working distance: 12mm ± 1mmØ5mm at 12mm80x80x30Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-12-DIF-MSM-ANA-VISUV-DL32x sunlight LED, 8x UV LED, diffuserMedium working distance: 12mm ± 1mmØ5mm at 12mm80x80x30
SPECTRO-3-28-45°/0°-MSM-ANA-DL24x LED (D65 similar)28mm ± 2mmØ10mm at 28mm100x100x40Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-28-45°/0°-MSM-ANA-VIS16x warm-white LED, 8x blue LED28mm ± 2mmØ10mm at 28mm100x100x40
SPECTRO-3-28-45°/0°-MSM-ANA-VISUV12x warm-white LED, 8x blue LED, 4x UV LED 28mm ± 2mmØ10mm at 28mm100x100x40Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-30-UV/BL-MSM-ANA9x UV LED, super bright, 365nm12mm...40mm15.5mm at 30mm95x65x42 Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-200-COF-d6.0-MSM-ANAWhite-light LED, super bright160mm ... 1000mmØ6mm at 200mm65x65x82Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-200-COF-d12.0-MSM-ANAWhite-light LED, super bright50mm ... 500mmØ12mm at 200mm65x65x82Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-200-COF-d25.0-MSM-ANAWhite-light LED, super bright50mm ... 500mmØ26mm at 200mm65x65x82Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-500-COF-d12.0-MSM-ANAWhite-light LED, super bright160mm ... 1000mmØ11.5mm at 500mm65x65x124Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-500-COF-d25.0-MSM-ANAWhite-light LED, super bright100mm ... 1000mmØ25mm at 500mm 65x65x124Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-500-COF-d50.0-MSM-ANAWhite-light LED, super bright100mm ... 1000mmØ58mm at 500mm 65x65x124Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-FIO-MSM-ANA-DLD65 similar LED10 ... 500mmØ3mm with fiber optics type A3.065x65x36Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-FIO-MSM-ANA-VISUVD65 similar LED, deep-blue LED, UV LEDReflected light: 1...500mm, transmitted light: 10...500mm, V-light: 10...300mmØ3mm with fiber optics type A3.080x70x36Download datablad
10x warm-white LED (diffuse), 6x blue LEDmax. 100m (reflective light mode), max. 500mm (transmitted light mode)depends on position of transmitter unit to measuring objecteach 65x65x26Download datablad
SPECTRO-3-38-45°/0°-ICALSPECTRO-3-28-45°/0°-MSM-ANA-VIS, -ANA-VISUV, -DIG-VIS, or -DIG-VISUV28mmSpecial feature: Integrated PLC to activate the white light adjustment as well as the positioning of the color sensor in front of the object or in front of the white ceramic tile261.5x271.5
Download datablad