Inkremental roterende encodere

SIKO incremental encoder
Incremental rotary encoders with optical or magnetic measurement principles with a solid or hollow shaft, available in different versions.
Produkt typeMåle metodeAksel typeAksel diameterOutput
Inkremental encoder IG04MMagnetiskhollow shaftOp til 14 mmPP, OP, LD5, LD24
Inkremental encoder IG06Optiskhollow shaftOp til 20 mmPP, OC
Incremental encoder IG07Optiskhollow shaftOp til 20 mmPP, OC, LD5, LD24
Inkremental encoder IG09MMagnetiskhollow shaftOp til 20 mmPP, OP, LD5, LD24
Inkremental encoder IV28M/1Magnetisksolid shaftOp til 6 mmPP, OP, LD5, LD24
Inkremental encoder IV58MMagnetisksolid shaftop til 10 mmPP, OP, LD5, LD24
Inkremental encoder IH58MMagnetiskhollow shaftOp til 22 mmPP, OP, LD5, LD24
Recording position changes economically
Incremental rotary encoders are the most economic and simple way of measuring a position change (linear oder rotative) . Rotary encoders are particularly suited for low-cost applications since they can be used very flexibly in many applications. In the product range of incremental rotary encoders SIKO offers flexibility not only of incremental interfaces but also of mechanical design.

Incremental rotary encoders with a variety of interfaces
The simple and cost-effective incremental rotary encoders (also known as rotary pulse encoders), offer an incremental interface with A, B, I as well as inverted signals. They are equipped optionally with HTL (push-pull) or TTL (RS422 – LD signals) .

Optically or magnetically scanning incremental rotary encoders
Featuring two different scanning technologies, SIKO offers the ideal incremental rotary encoder for every application. Thus, highly precise optical scanning is available for applications that focus on accuracy and magnetic scanning for applications with very demanding ambient conditions.

The SIKO range of incremental rotary encoders is highly flexible regarding the choice of interfaces as well as mechanical complexity. Whether especially compact housing designs starting with Ø 28 mm diameter, rotary encoders with very high type of protection or also a wide temperature range of -40…+100°C – diversity knows nearly no limits. The incremental rotary encoders are available in hollow shaft design (up to 22mm) or solid shaft design.

Incremental rotary encoders may require referencing after startup since position changes are not recorded in the powerless state. If this is not desired, you can find a suitable alternative in the Absolute rotary encoders range of products.

Incremental encoders offer a vast diversity of applications
There is a large scope of applications for incremental rotary encoders. Thus, incremental rotary encoders feature a standard component in mechanical engineering nowadays. They are frequently being used for precise speed measurement and position monitoring in diverse applications including packaging plants, textile machines, printing machines, woodworking machines or asynchronous motors.

Optical and magnetic incremental rotary encoders.
High shock, vibration and temperature resistance
Insensitive to oils, lubricants, dirt, and water for instance
Wear- and maintenance-free sensor system
Universal application: various hollow shaft and solid shaft designs
Compact designs thanks to highly integrated sensor system
High speeds up to 12000 rpm